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Teams of 2

​The division guidelines are described below. These are guidelines to make sure that athletes compete at their level. This does not mean that certain movements can't show up during the finals.


This category is for the majority of the people in your box. If you are a beginner or have never competed in a throwdown, this is your chance!

Teams MM/FF (30 MM - 30 FF)

Team FF : finals on saturday 05/10 

Team MM: finals on sunday 06/10




This category is made for weekend warriors and aspiring competitors. You can do some of your box workouts as RX.


You should be able to do:

  • Low volume basic gymnastics movements like Pull-ups, toes to bar, double-unders, etc.

  • Male: Clean and Jerk 70kg, Snatch 50kg, OHS 50kg

  • Female: Clean and Jerk 45kg, Snatch 35kg, OHS 35kg


*The workouts will be scaled in advanced gymnastic movements and the weight of the barbell.

**Weights are meant as guidelines, not as limits for workouts.

Teams MM/FF/MF (45 MM - 30 FF - 30 MF)

Finals on 05 + 06 / 10



You do most workouts as RX.

If you have taken part in other qualifiers or competitions, this is your category.

Movements that could show up in the programming:

  • Advanced gymnastic movements like ring and bar muscle ups, handstand push ups, handstand walks, rope climbs, pistol squats etc.

  • Male: Clean and Jerk 100kg, Snatch 60kg, OHS 60kg

  • Female: Clean and Jerk 75kg, Snatch 45kg, OHS 45kg


*Weights are meant as guidelines, not as limits for workouts.

Teams MM/FF/MF (15 MM - 15 FF - 15 MF)

Finals on 05 + 06 / 10

Scaled division
Intermediate division
Elite division
Masters division
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